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Is This Driver For Realz?

Pittsburgh Jagoff Blog

Hmmm… Perfect! This pic gets a huge “W!” The dubya doesn’t equal a “win.” It equals “Wish you could have been here to see this!”

NOTE: used the Jagoff-estrator just in case your this driver and you need a little chalk-talk on your parking!

There I was on my phone in a dark parking lot. Hardly anyone around as you can clearly see from the photo. The car on your right is parked. The car on your left, makes a wide turn around the parking lot and slides right into that spot… THAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO…AND OVER THE LINE TOWARD… the car that has been parked for who knows how long.

Wish you could have been there because, as I did, you would have seen the driver get out, look at the awesome park job that’s high-and-tight on the only other car in that line of spots!

Who DOES that?

Why not go to any of the other spots if you don’t know how to park between the lines?

Hey High-and-Tight-Harry… don’t you know the men’s urinal rule? Skip a space… YaJagoff!

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