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The Venus Fly Trap Mattress

Once again, someone who doesn’t have a friend with a pick-up truck.  You can click the pic above and watch the 6-second Vine video of the new Venus Fly Trap Mattress and Box Spring set.

Was “Two Men and a Truck” too expensive?  Was the discount version of them, “One Man and a Sedan” not available?  At least the “One Man and a Sedan” would be professionals and know the protocols for moving a mattress at 55mph… i.e. reach your arm out the window and hold the mattress down while you drive and talk on the cell phone about how excited you are about your new bedding.

I guess there won’t be any problem getting that mattress around a corner once they get it home.  It should be pretty doggone flexible after flapping around at that speed!

Oh, the reason this is called the Venus Fly Trap Mattress and Box Spring set?  Because of amount of bugs that will be stuck in between the two by the time this guy gets to his destination.

For crissssakes!  Befriend someone with a pick-up truck, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to 321Blink Videographer @Scott@Peters for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today.

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