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#YaJagoff Podcast

Our First Double Digit Show

February 25, 2016

February 25, 2016 The YaJagoff! Podcast | “Our First Double-Digit Show” #YaJagoffPodcast A Podcast all about Pittsburgh LISTEN to the Podcast show right here below or on iTunes, Soundcloud and TuneIn via “Pittsburgh Podcast Network

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00:52 John and Craig went to the Pittsburgh Public Theater to see “Guys and Dolls” but not before John takes out a deer on the Turnpike to get there.

05:16 Tasha or Tori Segment. In this episode, Tasha took us to a new place for pizza and coffee. Yeah..that’s what we said. Excellent pizza and excellent coffee under the same roof!

Joe And Pie Cafe Pizzeria: coffee from Commonplace Coffee and baked goods from Paddy Cake Bakery
13:59 Oh we got a hot one here! We have Tara Sherry-Torres of Café Con Leche, Pittsburgh! She talks food art exhibitions! Yes!!!

Her recent “Artist in Residence” Project at Most Wanted Fine Art
Her goal with growing awareness and opportunities for Latinos in Pittsburgh
But Wait!!! The next segment gets craaaaaazy!
22:59 Tara Sherry-Torres of Café Con Leche stays with us to teach us how to assimilate Pittsburghese and Spanish. We want to be able to help our Spanish friends learn standard Pittsburgh phrases AND if they say things like, “Kennywood’s Open!” in Spanish, we should know it!

30:46 The New Car Show was recently in Pittsburgh. We didn’t get tickets. But, we did have our friends Albert and Amy, a couple from Fayette County, attend the “Used Car Show.” Here’s their report

37:12 John and Craig wrap-up. But wait! We must talk about the Wilk’s Eats and Treats food bash that we had at Craig’s dining room table. There was food everywhere.

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