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Batman Jagoffs

Our FIRST Batman Movie Jagoff

This is the kind of story that makes us GLAD we started this page. It’s EVERYTHING we expected in a story.

As I turned on the 10pm news last night as background noise while trying to figure out what the next Jagoff post was going to be, up it came.  Like Jesus’ likeness on toast or a garage wall.

(Insert angel noises here)

A news story about Micah Calamosca of the high-society-Shadyside section of the City. Seems that Micah felt that he needed a car Sunday afternoon and is not aware of the ZIP CARS. So he jumped in a random car that was already running.  Unfortunately the car was a police vehicle and was occupied – BY AN PLAINCLOTHES POLICE OFFICER!

When the law enforecment officer identified himself, Micah simply told the guy he was part of the Batman Movie filming that is currently taking place and that he was supposed to steal a card according to the script!

Micah, we’re not sure if you’re a huge idiot OR a quick-on-your-feet GENIUS.  We give you an “A” for effort on that excuse.

But RIDDLE ME THIS my dear Micah-Bruce-Wayne-Wanna-be, “Can Micah Calamosca the Shadyside millionaire playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist and Micah-the-snake-charming-car-jacker truly co-exist?  Please format your answer in  the form of a question (a la Jim Carey, Riddler from Batman Forever, 1995), YA JAGOFF!!!

NOTE: We think you should have told the cop you were making one of those silly Sears Optical TV commercials CLICK HERE if not familiar.

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