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#YaJagoffPodcast: No Bottom of the Barrels at Threadbare Cider House

June 14, 2022


The jags gotta birthday in the house!! Tracy celebrates her 50th birthday at the Threadbare Cider House. The guests include master Wigle blender Talor Bostock, Pittsburgh Food Nerd Nelli Tokleh, The Incline mastermind Colin Williams and the renowned rapper Gallo Locknez.





Pittsburgh Podcast Rohrich Honda

Summer means festivals, outdoor events and community collabs with Rohrich Honda. Expect a pop-up parking lot event in June, the return of Little Italy Days, and Pierogi Festival to name a few. Plus, you need a way to get to all the fun, so stop by our Bloomfield location and snag the vehicle that is right for you. As always visit for all of your vehicle needs.


What’s your garnish go to on a drink?

2:34 Tracy Kosylo:

Did 50 become the new 21?? Raise a glass of cider and let’s go party! Everything that has to do with the podcast lineup begins with Tracy and without her… well the jags could figure it out, but they would become, well confused JAGOFFS. Anyway, happy birthday Tracy, and thanks for all that you do for the podcast!

6:24 Colin Williams

Have you ever wanted to know LITERALLY anything even remotely related to Pittsburgh? Well, Colin is keeping yinz in the know with the daily newsy newsletter starting on Tuesdays. The Incline highlights unique neighbors, niche topics, big events, and even a mega story about a certain school district.

20:25 Nelli Tokleh

Seems like Pittsburgh has upped its cocktail and food game for the Pittsburgh Food Nerd. Born in Cali and from Dallas to Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Food Nerd covers all fun things in the ‘Burgh with food… and now arts and culture! She spills the tea on becoming food blogger royalty between our three rivers… it’s OK, she can’t cook but a girl can showcase a great eat!

33:41 Gallo Locknez

Re-mixing it up in the hip-hop culture for Pittsburgh, Gallo is an independent artist/producer who is the rapper behind the NBA SOUND UP tracks. He not only uses his voice for singing, but for educating the youth by sharing his knowledge with YMCA in Homewood. Soon traveling to Europe for a summer tour, Gallo performs “Boom” from his new album “Takeoff” which he is releasing with Buddhakai. Plus, hear what it’s like being the governor of the Recording Academy chapter in Philadelphia.

53:11 Taylor Bostock

Chemistry may not have been Taylor’s strong suit… but look at him now! As the Wigle Whiskey senior distiller and master blender, Taylor from Threadbare Cider mixes up the conversation as well as everything whiskey, bourbon, and barrels.  When it comes to the barrels, he can tell you all about the cognac process, plus many more liquors that yinzers have come to love in our region.

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