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Jagoff or Not

Jagoff blog Pittsburgh

Is it for us to judge? Should we just let people do their thing?

I love Steeler loyalty and I am sure the Rooney’s love when people buy EVERYTHING Steelers.  HOWEVER, I don’t think anyone had this kind of athletic supporting in mind!

This guy loves the Steelers sooooooo much that he shows off his team boxers during outside chores!  Close-ups of the photos would indicate he doesn’t have any other under drawers on.  (I have spared you by lowering the resolution.)

Hey there friendly neighbor, glad you are comfortable passing gas and picking your nose in my presence, but “showing us YOUR NUTS” (Get it? A play on You’re Nuts) about the Steelers while washing the family truckster or doing the weekly mowing invades the rest of the neighborhood’s PERSONAL SPACE and defies all laws of taste.  The ‘hood is REEEEAAAAL glad you didn’t bend over to pull weeds.  Thanks to you, the OTHER neighbors have been washing their eyeballs out with rubbing alcohol.

Everyone’s  REALLY glad you don’t support the Browns – can’t imagine the natural  “striping” that might be in THOSE boxers!

Soooo.. is this guy a jagoff or not?

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