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A Jagoff Under Your Own Roof

You know how I know it is summer at the Rennebecks? The sun beautifully reflects off of the plastic Hefty bag on the day it should be outside ready for pick up. What a sight.

The Sam’s Club and Aldi (no S) budget increases and taller laundry piles are just pre-cursers.  The Hefty glow is the one that gets my goat. Our middle son has two main jobs and taking the garbage outside on Thursday evenings is one of them.  Guessing the Mario Super Slugger tournaments and Ramen noodle preparation for snack time cut into chore time.

No worries!  Mom is up and enjoys gathering the trash that includes Dorito bags and candy wrapppers (hence the budget increase.) The laundry growth? L to the a z-y. They pretend their clothes are dirty to avoid putting them away. True story!

Well, we ran out of Tide, so guess there are no clean gutchies to wear on your way taking the trash out early this morning, ya jagoff!


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