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NFL Referees – Why They Can’t Drive School Buses


If you believe that those “you had one job…” jokes are done ad nauseum, prepare to put your finger down your throat to make the nausea stop.

The NFL refs who officiated the Chiefs / Patriots game last weekend, had …you guessed it….ONE JOB!

Ok, maybe two!  Getting themselves dressed and to the game and then getting the game balls to the game.  As you can see from this article in USA Today, they kind of forgot the balls at their Hyatt hotel room.

Didn’t they ever travel with my mom?  We had two requirements before we could leave a hotel room:

  1. Check all of the drawers, under the beds and in the cupboards for anything left behind
  2. Pee before we left whether you had to go or not

Given the age of most NFL Refs, I’m guessing the peeing was automatic… probably every few hours through the night. And maybe bad sleep was what caused them to forget the footballs in their room.  Maybe we just found the root cause of the poor officiating in general!

All that I can say is, refs you all just failed your chance to become day care school bus drivers Ya Jagoffs!

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