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Inanimate Jagoffs

My Grass (This One Is Just For ME!)

I’m so FRUSTRATED and I didn’t know who/what to blame in this post  – Mother Nature, the oil refineries, the Port Authority, Bob Nutting, Troy Polamalu’s calf???  Either way, I am ready to blow a gasket! And this post is JUST for my own mental well-being and anyone else trying to have a damn life in between grass cuttings!

It’s October and the grass STILL needs cut every 4-5 days.  WHAT?  Yep.. rain, sunshine, rain, cool nights, sunshine…. I have had my lawn mower out almost every 4 days to keep up with growing grass.  I’ve spent as much money on lawn mower gas as I would have on a trip to Philadelphia!  (My lawn mower SMELLS the same as Philladelphia.)

So, to my lawn (Yes, I live in one of those areas of town where the neighbors call it a “lawn” not a yard with grass.) – I know it was MY FAULT for fertilizing you but it’s NOT my fault that all this rain keeps coming.   I have all kinds of other stuff to be doing… buy halloween candy (the stuff I wanna give away and the GOOD stuff I wannt keep for me), finish editing blog videos, start with Christmas cookie baking (not really), write blog posts, do REAL work, and watch “The Voice” sooooooooo STOP GROWING and go to sleep for the winter already, YA JAGOFF!!!

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