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Driving Jagoffs

ME First! My Life’s More Important!

We have had a few of these come in via email but this one is the best pic we have received of this type of “Cluster Truck Situation.”

Our man in the blue Honda truck  (Honda Hank) just happens to be of the opinion that he needs to get home faster than everyone else in the entire world!!  So much so that he has to edge HIS vehicle up 6-feet closer to home and block the oncoming cross traffic from turning.    “Ahh.. I’ll just sit here cuz I didn’t get MY turn last time so I’m taking someone else’s turn, nahhhh-nahhh-nah-naaah-nahhhhh!”

Hey Honda-Hank, first, we hope that you’ll take yourself to Jagoff Rehab.  You CLEARLY don’t give a s@#$ about anyone else but yourself.  For rehab, we suggest this website:The Pittsburgh Dignity and Respect Campaign.

Second, we hope that, the next time you’re driving home from work, and the wife is yakking your cellphone earbud off about getting home late from work for AGAIN, that a tractor trailer full of smelly livestock pulls in front of YOUR path and it’s one of those SHVETTY Pittsburgh summer days of 95 degrees with 90% humidity, and, as it pulls across your path, it overheats and has to sit where it is and, to top it off, your earbud/cellphone disconnect button breaks and you cannot disconnect your earbud-beating wife so you have to listen to her BERATE you until some over-sized tow truck squeezes through rush hour traffic to remove the livestock-laden truck!!!

Here’s another thing, Honda Hank, we’re just guessing, but we’re pretty sure that you are THAT GUY who used to be THAT KID on the Kennywood Bumper Car ride who kept turning the steering wheel back-and-forth, but couldn’t figure out how to get your car to move, so you sat in one place and got POUNDED by all of the other bully-drivers until that famous bell rang to end the ride!!!

You’re just lucky our Jagoff Catcher wasn’t one of those bullies, all grown up, as he sat in the perfect position to torpedo your nice blue truck, Ya Jagoff!!!

Thanks to Twitter Follower @DrMlebo471 for being our honorary Jagoff Catcher today!!

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