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Panic Jagoffs

Diaper Woes

Nope.. they certainly aren’t.  These are dirty diapers laying in a parking lot.  It would appear that, thankfully, they are the baby size and not the Depends, Ultra G-String style!

Oh sure, you can make the excuse that they accidentally fell out of a diaper bag as the diaper-er was hustling to make the big change on the parking lot but….. NOPE!  Pretty sure that I recall that wet or poopy diapers weigh about 934 pounds and, when they fall to the ground, they make a noticeable THUMP.

As a side note, I have always said that I can’t wait to get super old and can get paybacks on my kids.  Like getting to the point that my kids have to diaper me…in the middle of a mall food court.  Because, when that happens, I am going to cry and roll back and forth and yell, “More powder…. daddy want more powder!”  I owe them more than one of those scenes!

But back to Diaper Dropper…. you’re hands are already nasty from changing the diaper, they ain’t gonna get any dirtier by picking that thing up. And, we realize it that you don’t want those nasty diapers rolled up in your car in 90-degree weather soooooooooooooooo guess what?  Find a @#$@#$ garbage can, walk to it and drop those things in there next to the half-eaeten Aunt Hattie’s nasty pretzels, YaJagoff!!

Thanks to Blair U. for the photo tag on Facebook and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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