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Learn From Leslie N’At!

Reading about the latest pizza places and talkin’ tacos is fun for us 412 foodies, but Pittsburgh has a famed foodie who is lending her nutritional expertise to our Jeet Jet section. 

Starting next week, you can learn from Leslie about anything nutrition-oriented, food-related, and when we ask, jeet jet? You can answer, “after I learn from Leslie!” We can’t wait to hear your questions and get answers from our own treasured jagoff—term of endearment of course! 

Leslie provides individual nutrition counseling and has expertise in sports nutrition, eating disorders, weight management and digestive disorders. She is a highly sought-after speaker at universities, national conferences, and professional organizations. In addition, Leslie is a nutrition advisor to the food industry. 

Questions like these and more can be found on her website Active Eating Advice By Leslie as well as interesting food facts.  Submit your questions to the jagoff team here for Leslie to discuss through Jeet Jet monthly, AND she will be a regular guest on the YaJagoff Podcast to talk about healthy eating in the 412.  

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