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Ketchup for Homemade Pizza Bagels?


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Sorry.. a quick switch-up to calling out Jagoffs today.

The question, “Would you use ketchup to make homemade pizza bagels?” was asked last November by Sean Forman on his blog, “Sean’s Ramblings.

I follow Sean’s blog (and you should too).  First, because his social media avatar is the logo of the Pittsburgh Spirit soccer team.  Second because he’s an amusing Pittsburgh guy living in the Virginia area. But, I had to take issue when he admitted to something almost as bad as being a puppy-internet-photo-hater!  Last November, Sean admitted to making pizza bagels with ketchup. Not only did I nearly gag and become faint, I lit 19 votive candles for his tortured soul.

Yesterday, as Part 2 of his “Sean Eats Incorrectly?” series, Sean posted that he enjoys a warm sandwich from time-to-time for lunch.  This habit is rooted in his days of taking a sandwich to school and keeping it in his locker until lunch time.

Ahhhhh Sean….Yesssssss!  I TOO enjoy a warm sandwich based on my school days. My favorite is a sweaty hard  salami and Swiss Cheese on Mancini Bread.  Sometimes I also enjoy a room temperature American Cheese-on-rye-bread-with-green-olives sandwich….warmed in a humid sandwich baggie.

But wait! Time to up the ante on Sean’s “Sean Eats Incorrectly” theme.  What food, typically eaten warm, would do you admit to enjoying when its COLD?  For me, this habit is rooted in my high school days when I enjoyed a somewhat-still-chilled-but-previously-frozen Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwich which my mom had purchased and tossed into the freezer, after getting 10 of them on a 5 for $5 special.

Now that I’m an adult and nobody can tell me that I’m gonna get worms for doing it, I’ll admit to enjoying the following foods cold:

  • A good homemade Italian meatball (with some sauce on it)
  • Pizza (but, that’s like admitting to liking sunshine… everyone does that!)
  • Pot Roast Potatoes and Carrots
  • Homemade (not the Stove-Stop crap) Thanksgiving stuffing (oh GAWD… I just made myself really hungry).

Sean, glad we’re back on the same page but, promise us, you’ll never make another homemade pizza bagel with ketchup, Ya Jagoff (used in the version of affection from one Pittsburgher to another Pittsburgher).


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