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Driving Jagoffs

Keep Your Hands And Feet AND VEHICLES Behind The Line

It’s standard stuff. The sign says, “Stop Here On Red.” But, for some reason, these two drivers felt that they needed to be a little closer to their eventual destination when they stopped for the light. Guessing that they thought it would get them there faster once the light turns green.

Something tells us these guys ALWAYS cheated by taking 2 or 3 extra steps when someone yelled “STOP” playing that kid’s game, “Red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light, Stop!” You’re probably “that guy” that gets to the “Wait Here For Next Available Teller” sign and then walks up to the counter uninvited. And what happens when you people get to a “Wait To Be Seated” sign? It’s not just a suggestion, ya know. Guessing these guys aren’t the “Line Watchers” who stand around in the volley ball game to wait and see if the ball will hit in or out of bounds!

You guys know us….. rather than just complain, we always try to offer solutions on how to fix things like this and, here’s our solution:

Cool, huh? It would work like you trade in your Fuel Perks, every so often. You would go to the City or County website and pick out crappy prizes like, fake jewelry, bite size candies, little army men, cheap plastic race cars, erasers or you hold them for bigger prizes, like the lunch boxes, stuffed animals, die cast cars, and generic Barby and GI Joe dolls! They could even post abandoned properties to be redeemed for like, 3,903,782 tickets… the same amount of Skee Ball tickets it takes to get a stuffed Kenny The Kangaroo at the Skee Ball prize shelves.

Hey, Red-Light-Gob-Stoppers, there is actually a REASON for you to stay behind the line… so the buses can make Left Turns from the cross street. (Yes you just heard us stick up for bus drivers) But who cares as long as YOU’RE not inconvenienced!!!! For the record, we would love to see what you do at railroad crossings…Ya Jagoffs!


Don’t forget to check out our t-shirts. Proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research at Magee Women’s Hospital.

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