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“Just Sit Down, Ya Jagoff!”

Just as soon as the pilot turns off the “Seatbelt” sign, you have those passengers that squeeze out of their window seat, grab their stuff out of the overhead compartment and then SIT or STAND right in the aisle while they wait for the airplane door to open.

My point: Yes, the seat-belt sign IS indeed turned off.  But the airplane door to the outside is still closed, there’s no where for you to go!

Hey Mr. I-Have-to-be-The-first-person-off-Because-my-meeting-is-more-important-than-yours, yes, you may have to urinate.  Yes, you may have been sitting next to someone who hogged your armrest or who snored like a Midas Muffler commercial or who’s love-handles were touching your bare arm and yes, we ALL want to be the first one at the baggage claim (where we stand around forever anyway).

At Catholic Church Bingos, there is an unwritten bingo protocol essentially stipulating that, if you are new to playing bingo at the church, you risk your life by yelling “bingo” if you have it and yell it before you’re fully vested as a 5-year dobber-winning veteran.  And the 26-card playing gang members are not nice people to mess with.

Just like the Bingo Protocol,  There’s an unwritten protocol for exiting a plane… HINT:  it’s like teaching your daughter how to wipe, FRONT TO BACK!!

Stay in your seats and out of the aisle and take your turn.  And while your waiting, DON’T pull out your cell phone and OVERMODULATE forcing us ALL to hear that you’re “in town” Ya Jagoffs!