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Jake Arrieta Tweet


So for those of you not familiar with the nuances of Twitter, let me explain what you’re seeing on the Jagoffestrator.

Yesterday, a Pirate Parrot Parody Twitter account tweeted a message to be ready for Wednesday’s black out.  In the 140 characters of the twitter message, they tagged Chicago Cubs pitching ace, Jake Arrieta.  For those unfamiliar with Twitter.. well.. that means he would be notified of the message by his Twitter account.

The Cubs’ ass.. I mean ACE pitcher then tweeted back what you see above.

Bulletin board material?  Who needs it?  Bucs will have Gerrit Cole pitching.

Jake, welcome to  the “Tom Brady/Ryan Braun” section of Pirates’ fans brains.  If we lose, we lose with class.  If you lose, well…we know where ya are with class.  On my end, hoping for a Pirates’ win…not just so we can move along to St. Louis without stopping in Chicago but, so that we can enjoy generating Jake Memes for the next week about what pitchers HOPES are during the winter, YaJagoff!

By the way, here are the rules of engagement for Pittsburgh Pirates fans for the next 3 days of Buctober:

1)Don’t you DARE wash that outfit that you had on for the Reds game yesterday

2)Cancel your plans for Wednesday night unless they involve attending the Pirates/Cubs game

3)Plan on running to the Strip District during your lunch-hour on Monday for black and gold thingies, and then on Tuesday for even  MORE black and gold thingies.

4)We suggest black and gold thingies so that they can be used for Steelers and Penguins parties too (You don’t want to be “that guy” that wears a Pirates jersey to a Pens game!)

5)Plan for a Black-n-Gold Eat-in at work on Wednesday.  Everyone bring your lucky crockpot full of your best party food.  (This will be great because it will feel like a Friday)

6)Wednesday at work, plan on getting nothing done!

7)Wednesday is a “Blackout” so …wear black.. Not grey, not white so that you can see yourself on TV, not gold or yellow…BLACK


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