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Jagoff Rewind: Trucker Jagoff

DISCLAIMER:  This is a repost from 11 months ago!  But it makes sense becauase, we are currently traveling to Florida for New Years and, 1) I was running late packing and didn’t have time to write a post and 2) we’re driving and I GUARANTEE we see this scenario at least 20 times on our trip!

I guarantee that this will NOT be the last time some type of driver is featured on this site!  While not the WORST example of jake-brake knucklehead, this guy gets a mention:  side-by-side truckers, going uphill on I-79.  We’re the first car of about a dozen behind this dynamic duo.

Unless yer haulin’ Terrible Towels to a “Cleveland Sucks” party, get out of the waaaaaaay, Ya Jagoff!!!!


Last post of the year coming tomorrow!!!  January 1 will be our one-year anniversary of writing posts.

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