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Social Security Card Brings Down Drug “King Pin”

Jagoff blog

This excerpt from the TribLive article kind of sums up the story perfectly:

Allegheny Township police say they were able to identify a suspect who gave them a fake name when they found a satchel of drugs on him with his Social Security card inside the bag.

Haaa.. gotta admit.. reading about this actually did make me LOL. I think I even snorted too.  No pee trickle but definitely a snort.

Dude!  Who in theeeeee hell carries their social security card on them? Let us answer.. NOBODY!  And here’s the next thing, there’s a reason other than Covid that bank robbers and such where masks!  The masks hope to HIDE their identity. So you give a fake name but hand over your social security card?  We’re kind of shocked you didn’t ask the police for a ride as your get-away card!

Well, we know what we are sending you for a Christmas gift, a wallet, so you can carry your fake ID and your real social security card …but not in your drug bag, YaJagoff!!!

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