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#YaJagoffPodcast: It’s Zachary’s Mission Porch Tour Stop #4

August 15, 2023

Summary: The final stop of the ’23 Porch Tour had us hanging out with the home owners, Ken and Mickey, Musician Al and Al, Caleb from the “Making a Martini Podcast, Rob Vince of Zachary’s Mission and on of our faves, THE “real” Rob Rossi! Ken and Mickey’s dog, Blue, made a splash too.. in their pool!





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Soakin’ wet or wet from sweat?

(3:51) Mickey and Ken Lyle

They are our hosts for our last Porch Tour of 2023. We talk about summer coming to an end, micro communities, who gets the most use out of the pool (their dog Blue) and the amazing friends of Ken’s and Mickey’s that donated to Zachary’s Mission. Please check back soon to hear what was raised for this incredible organization.

(12:34) Rob Vince

Rob is part of the duo behind Zachary’s Mission joins us to talk about how Zachary’s Mission came to be, how it’s grown, the importance of your donations and the impact Zack Packs have had on families. Get more information at and follow them across social media: Zacharys Mission

(20:30) Caleb Feigles

Caleb is from Making a Martini Podcast. Up, Dry, and Straight to the Point, Caleb stops by to talk about learning new topics while making various cocktails. Topics range from important issues we’re all facing today to some of the things you wish he and his guests hadn’t brought up. We’ll be making an appearance on a future episode! Find Making a Martini wherever you get your podcasts. Also, follow Caleb on all social media FB: Making a Martini Podcast, Twitter/Instagram: @MartiniMaking

(31:23) Rob Rossi

Rob is the senior writer for the Athletic NHL and authorized biographer of Evgeni Malkin, stops by our final porch tour to catch up with the Jags. Rob talks about being diagnosed with functional neurological disorders. A condition that presented as migraines at first, which then led to him losing the ability to speak without a stutter and being super sensitive to all sensory. Rob’s spent 7 months of his life not being able to tell his story or any story and him sharing his journey on our podcast is truly amazing. He also touches on Evgeni Malkin’s biography and the acquisition of Erik Karlsson.

Catch up on his Penguins coverage on and find him across social media at @Real_RobRossi

(58:39) Al & Al

Al and Al recently sold out the Hard Rock Café as their trio, called The Ditch. Al & Al join us to talk about their upcoming shows, the collaborations with other Pittsburgh musicians and what they do in their down time. Find them on Facebook under Al and Al Music.