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Yikes… The Van Was Too Tall

YaJagoff Blog Post

We love it when followers have our backs as far as watching for jags out in the wild!  Sean Forman, Burgh exPat relocated to Virginia sent us this note:

Hi John and Rachael,

I think I have the perfect video of someone being a jagoff for you. A minibus just tried to go under an entryway with an 8 foot clearance outside my office. The minibus was taller than 8 feet!  I can send it if you’re interested. There’s a nice scratch on top of the bus.

Well Sean… of course we were interested!!!!  Just in case you want to see the actual video of the jagoffery, see below.  You can kind of hear the “scratching noise” or imagine fingernails going down a chalkboard.. or even hear your gut tightening as you watch it happen!

So what’s the lesson learned?  Think like Kennwyood… no how tall ya are before you get on the ride….  Ya Jagoff!

Thanks again to Sean from SeansRamblings blog for sending this over!

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