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#YaJagoff Podcast

It’s the Three C’s Podcast: Comedy, Carrie Underwood and Catches…Legendary Ones 

October 2, 2018

The Mall at Robinson sets the scene for local comedians Derek Minto and John Dick Winters to discuss their partnering at Hambone’s Pub, to bring “Burning Bridges” the only independent stand-up comedy club to Pittsburgh. Plus, Sunday Night Football bus tour manager, Sean Martin, discusses his drive through the Burgh leading up to Ravens-Steelers game, and we catch some heartwarming pre-game stories from JuJu, Hines and James….who need no other introduction.

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Question of the Day

What’s a worse recovery, crickets on a bad joke, a flat tire with no spare or a Steeler loss?

4:40 Derek and John

Derek Minto and John Dick Winters crack jokes on the podcast while discussing the growth in comedy for Pittsburgh. They give their expert advice on mall cuisine while promoting their new ventures in partnering with Hambone’s Pub in Lawrenceville in order to launch the only independent stand-up comedy club in the Steel City, Burning Bridges Comedy Club.

18:40 Sean

The NBC Sunday Night Football bus heads to Pittsburgh, making stops at The Mall at Robinson and Market Square before making its last pit stop for the Steelers-Ravens game on Sunday. The interactive bus gives fans the ultimate tailgate experience with a behind-the-scenes look into the Sunday Night Football broadcast. Fans will be able to gander at official fashion worn by Carrie Underwood as well as witnessing a life-size player wall. Has he ever called a driver a Jagoff?

31:53 JuJu

JuJu Smith-Schuster joins the podcast with hugs and smiles while discussing his success and dedication to the Pittsburgh Steelers in year two, upcoming charity involvement in Pittsburgh and his fan-favorite dog, Boujee. Is JuJu Claus going to be thing this year? Stay tuned for upcoming details that will make JuJu bigger (literally) than ever!

35:24 James Conner

James Connor talks business in the front, party in the back hairstyles and what it’s like to be a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Connor speaks about relaxation outside of the NFL while providing inside scoops of eating healthy. Each Steeler has his own passion for charity, but Connor discusses his efforts in collaboration of Make-A-Wish while interacting with the utmost Steelers comradery in the Pittsburgh community.

39:33 Hines

Hines Ward provides insight on what he does during his off-season time while discussing the rivalry and hype between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers. Steeler’s culture of comradery and sense of family is a vital component of how the team unites and functions, and it has always been passed down through each Steeler’s generation.

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