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YaJagoff Podcast from Melanie Taylors Fireplace

#YaJagoff Podcast

It’s Mel’s Show at her Fireplace J&D Waterproofing Fireplace Tour Stop #3 

February 25, 2020

The third stop on the JD Waterproofing Fireplace Tour is at no other than Melanie Taylor’s house in Rostraver. The jagoffs welcome KDKA’s Ross Guidotti, Melanie’s mom, Ginny, who reads all of the mail on the Bubba Show, along with Melanie Taylor.  Plus, a Mineo’s music tribute from Dr. Robb Fishmann, JD’s Sean, as well as Entercom ladies Corrie Jacob, Celeste Donatucci and Amanda Gorecki around the fireplace on our February 50 –degree day!

Music: Robb Fishmann, the Mineo’s Pizza Song (YouTube Basement Bro)

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Question of the Day

Bubba’s signature sign-off conversation phrase is “I love you!” If you had a radio show, what would be your signature sign-off saying?



Jay’s Fireplace, March 1
ACE Axethrowing, March 7

3:32 Melanie and Jason

100.7 STAR radio host Melanie Taylor and Husband, Jason Bradburn, give kudos to mama Ginny for the important things like getting the kids on morning school buses, after all it takes a village to run a family.  Plus, podcasting may be the ultimate future of radio, unless we are allowed to start swearing on FM.  As for Mel, her own signoff would be to spread kindness.

13:32 Melanie’s Mom

Behave, everybody! Proud grandmother, Ginny, is the grandmaster of support for Melanie and Jason’s family while schooling students in English and public speaking; thanks to her teaching career. She schools complainers once a month on the Bubba Show on being kindplainers instead.


JD Waterproofing remind us of some home improvement needs just in time for Spring! 81 years of waterproofing brings wishful thinking on more water this winter, but window and remodeling projects are just around the corner.  Plus, they welcome a new office manager, Billy, with some specials on full mold spray treatments!

20:09 Corrie, Celeste and Amanda

Who runs the behind-the-scenes show at Entercom? Meet Corrie, Celeste and Amanda.  The trio talk a little selling, backstage dynamics and HR– sort of….plus what’s ahead for their celebratory centennial, the anticipated Kevin Battle welcome and more in the next year of change.

27:50 Ross Guidotti

The love of ice hockey is the common ground for the jagoffs and 20-year reporter with KDKA Ross Guidotti. Listen to his vast career in breaking lemonade stand Watergate scandals to an “F” bomb moment that made it all the way to Jimmy Kimmel. Don’t sweat the small stuff, because Ross signs off by saying, “Life is short and so am I” so don’t miss a beat with him by listening here!

47:39 Dr.Robb Fishman

Owner of Fishman Chiropractic Message, and Mineo’s musical master, Robb Fishman strums his guitar and sings ab out Stillers and pizza…and all things fun in da ‘Burgh.  From foreign languages, medical marijuana, traveling, BasementBro and more, Fishman makes every workday, seven days a week, fun!

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