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It This Upstreamer Part Salmon?

yajagoff blog and YaJagoff Podcast, bad parking

What else has to be said?

This guy, pulls into the Wendy’s, the wrong way, then sits there whiles someone from the car runs into the Wendy’s and gets some food!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hello?  This is like that Sesame Street song:

One of these things is not like the other.   One of these things just doesn’t belong!

Sure you can use the excuse that the driver is a little confused since we see a double-yellow line which SHOULD indicate two-way traffic but SOMEHOW indicates, for Wendy’s, side by side lanes heading the same direction.  But……….

Personally, I am pretty sure that this person is the SAME person that drives around most mall/plaza parking lots driving the opposite direction up and down each row and then has to make a 22-foot wide turn to get their car into one of the angled parking spots.

WAIT… perhaps we are being too judgmental… maybe this car is built the same as the Pittsburgh Subway cars… the driver simply switches the end of the car that he’s driving!!!

Hey Arrowhead Al…  I realize it may take ya an extra 1.5857 minutes to park how the REST OF US HUMANS DO (who ALSO have important things to do) but, how about squeezing that future-hobby-supply-rig IN BETWEEN some of those thingies called (see me doing air quotes with my fingers) PARKING lines  next time, YA JAGOFF!

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