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Utility Jagoffs

Is Waste Management REALLY Managed?

A Utility Jagoff!

Above is a photo submitted of the Waste Management Driver, collecting garbage thru the North Hills during the morning rush hour. O.K. so they HAVE to work some time. But he’s stops his truck in the middle of the crosswalk!!!!!!! Guess what’s behind him? Yeppir, you guessed it! A whole line of cars trying to get to work and school.

But, let’s not blame the driver on this one. Here’s the email that came with the photo:

The jagoff is driving solo and has to stop at every residence to pick up the “goods.” Boy! Who came up with THAT business model to be soooo efficient and expeditious?!?!?

OK!!!  I’ve been wondering this same thing EVERY TIME I see this nonsense going on. It’s like Jagoff-Mythbusters.

The world has YouTube videos of engineers showing you how to make a t-shirt folding thingy out of cardboard yet no engineer takes the time to run some algorithms, or trigonometric and calculus formulas on the Jagoff-iness of garbage collection?

By the way, I DO see some fun in this…a Jagoff Chorus…Horns, followed by a car driver yelling at the garbage collector, “He Ya Jagoff!” followed by another horn, followed by the Waste Management guy getting ticked off at the horns and everyone yelling, so he yells back “I gotta job to do, Ya Jagoff!” followed by more horns. (It would be an awesome AutoTune!)

Hey Waste Management, we’re glad that you guys aren’t in charge of the Postal Delivery.. the carriers would probably have to drive smart cars, which are only big enough to carry enough mail for 4 houses, and then run back and forth to the Post Office to pick up four more packets after each delivery.

Or, even worse, what if you guys were in charge of pizza delivery? You would deliver the crust, then go back and get some sauce, then run and get some cheese and then.. well, YOU get it!

Hey Mr. Waste and Mr. Management (cuz we know you’re partnership) get the driver some help!!! What part of the Waste Management driver, getting out of their truck every four houses, running around the back of the truck, then back-and-forth across the street to throw garbage in the back, then running back to the front of the truck, getting in, closing the door, putting the truck in gear and pulling it forward and stomping on the brakes in front of the NEXT four houses to do the same thing again sounds EFFICIENT… ESPECIALLY while there’s a line of people who are trying to get to work and school behind them, Ya Jagoffs?!?!?