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Is This a Red Flag?

YaJagoff Podcast Road Signs

Is there so much construction happening in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas that there is a sign shortage?  There have been grocery shortages, CO2 shortages, lumber and shall we add signs?

It is admittedly annoying when a flagger has all of the gear on, all of the PPE, and then you don’t know if you are supposed to slow down or stop. You WILL hear a few “jagoff” blurt outs from my Honda Pilot. But what could be worse is the guy or gal dressed in fluorescent with no real signs. I mean do you see this thing in hand?  I think the sharpie actually ran out of ink while being created.

The makeshift sign did its trick so why bring it up? It is like the time on Friends when Ross wore leather pants–ya just have to point it out. I mean it could be worse. It wasn’t two neon Post-It notes that read stop here. It wasn’t a Dollar Store poster board, neon of course, written in pen. Luckily it was a Joanne Fabric’s material square with writing from a dried out Sharpie…on a stick. I guess it beats waving hands to stop, ya jagoff!


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  • North Country Brewing


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