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Inside Tour of Eating Mexican at Las Palmas in Brookline

Las Palmas Burgh Bits Bites YaJagoff

We did a YaJagoff Podcast with Burgh Bits and Bites a few weeks ago. One of the stops along the walking tour was Las Palmas, a Mexican grocery store.. um.. actually.. it’s an authentic Mexican Carniceria.. which means butcher in English!  Check aht the pics and, of course, be sure to follow Burgh Bits and Bites and take their tasty Pittsburgh Walking Tours.

As part of the tour, we were able to get authentic street tacos.. chicken, veggie, beef or carnitas. Copious amounts of various salsas were available for us to top them off!


Pittsburgh authentic Mexican Carniceria Las Palmas

Five aisles of authentic Mexican groceries and, it’s kind of the jackpot for authentic pinatas!

And of course we couldn’t pass up a sweet treat!  If you’re a cinnamon lover, this is your heaven!

Peppers.. you need authentic chili peppers.. Poblano, Pasilla, Jalapeno, Guajillo…they’re all there! Your nose will find the unique corner of peppers!

Pinto Beans, Peruano, Mayocoba, Flor de Mayo, and Black Beans…. they’re all there to make that authentic Mexican dinner! Just take your Duolingo interpreting app with you just in case!

That’s it! You need to see more so go visit Las Palmas authentic Mexican Carniceria at 700 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226!  Thanks again to Burgh Bits and Bites for the intro!! Take their tasty Pittsburgh Walking Tours.

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