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Important Typo Issue….


You know those lines when they say, “You had one job…” that are so overused?  Well, not so much here.  You’d think someone in this line of work would of a proofreader or two on hand, right?

I mean, you’ve read my blog posts, depending on how late in the night I write my blogs, they can be wrought with  Tipoes, typeowes..typos. So who am I to question but, then again, I don’t create copy for expensive traffic signs.

Are we looking for the Merengue Science Center perhaps? And, given the track record of the line above it, how can we be sure that we are really looking for Exit 70 C?  Maybe it’s B, E or G perhaps?

All that we know is, thank goodness the next sign doesn’t read, “Next Exit, Hunt’s Field,” YaJagoffs!!!

Thanks to Pittsburgh Traffic Queen, Bonny Diver, for the pic and for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!