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Questionable Hotel Toilet-Paper-Pointing Skills


Ya drove 3.5 hours.  Ingested 3 Taco Bell items along the way.  You checked in…i.e. gave them your make, model, license plate, your credit card, your AAA card and got the standard We-have-a-wonderful-breakfast-every-morning-my-name-is-Michelle-if-you-need-anything speech. All the while, the hair on your arms was spiking with I’m-about-ta-crap-my-pants goose bumps.

You get to your room, drop your goods, run to the toilet, drop your drawers and you notice this!

There were, I think, 5 squares of toilet paper on that roll and about 12 on the other one! Now wait a minute! Ya had to fold the point into the TP, you didn’t realize that both rolls needed to be CHANGED?  You pointed that TP and thought, yeah… “I did my job well today?”

Hey Straight-outta-Hampton Inn (name amended for anonymity) have my kids been put in charge of changing the toilet paper at your hotels, Ya Jagoffs?