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Guy Displays His Own “Stuff”at Target

Jagoff Blog in Pittsburgh

Well, this is not the way to start the holiday shopping season. We haven’t even made it to Black Friday and already we’re calling out shopping jagoffery.

Good ol’ Kev was allegedly driving around the parking lot of a local Target pulling in next to various females, who were parking, and pulling out his stuff!

“It seems he would see a female exiting the store, he would watch them walk to their cars and if there was a parking spot available next to that female, he would pull in and expose himself,” said Chief John Sicilia of Northern Regional Police Dept. – See full story on

Cool Kev… this ain’t so cool.  What in the world made you think that people wouldn’t identify your truck, your face and your.. well.. you know.. and turn you in to the police?  You’ve kind of spoiled shopping for everyone at Target just because you wanted to play whack-a-mole! Here’s our suggestion, while we think it would be best for you to spend some time in jail, if you needed a defense, well, there’s always the I-was-recreating-the-Saturday-Night-Live-$&@%-in-a-box-music-video-with-Justin-Timberlake-but-I-forgot-the-box-part defense, Ya Jagoff!


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