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A Great Way to Handle the Pittsburgh Heat


So… this is KIND OF safe for work since the photos is about as blurry as one of those murderer suspect photos that they put in the newspapers.  On top of that, it’s a side view luckily.  It actually looks like he has those hospital scrub-shoe thingies on. Perhaps he’s a transplant surgeon that is in a hurry and…..ah.. never mind!

By the way, we are not giving credit where credit is due on this photo but… we can tell you with pretty good reliability that this is in the town of Millvale just last week.  I mean, we didn’t triple check our sources but…..or should I say…butt???

The situation is what it is…. a guy trying to get into his car… and once he does, he’s going to have a helluva time trying to figure out where to put his keys!  As he goes to put them in his pants pocket, he’s like… “Holy #$@$! Who stole my Spone Bob pajama pants???”

This is kind of the direct opposite of cargo pants…. you go from not being able to find your keys (or anything else) in any one of the 4,021 pockets and secret spots.. to having ZERO pockets whatsoever and.. I guess… one very unique “secret spot” where the keys might be hidden!

Well guy..I realize that this summer in Pittsburgh has been extremely hot and humid, for us all but, c’mon! Put that stuff away! Even the curing room in the basement of Parma Sausage in the Strip District doesn’t have that much meat swinging free, YaJagoff!