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Rec League Hockey Ref Gets WHACKED!

Hockey Reff Punched Printscape Arena

In case you missed this story on the news with all of the political and Covid-19 stuff, a rec league hockey game happened, and one of the “adult” players didn’t like the call that a ref made and .. well.. BOOM!  (See video on KDKA TV website.)

For those who don’t know, most of adult rec league hockey games are more about the post-game beer and munchy skills and locker room camaraderie than they are about hockey skills.

Sure, there are times when one player feels the need to act like a studding male rams vs. displaying any personal or team pride or sportsmanship but it is infrequent. In this case… not so much. Seems that this guy gave the ref a little more than a “Hey Fred hi ya doin!” He gave him a mouthful of waffle and not with any chicken. The video shows him hitting the ref in the face with his goalie waffle. The incident resulted in an all out team brawl and the Cecil Township Police had to be called.   (How’s that anti-bully, anger management stuff that we’re supposed to be teaching the kids working?)

Hey “Stripes Crusher,” fighting at a red league hockey game… let alone with a ref? For gawd sakes! If you’re gonna do that, at least be sure to fight over something worthy…. like the last available wall plug for a smart phone at an airport… let the underpaid rec league referees be… Ya Jagoff!

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