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Game: Who Is The Bigger Jagoff?


We have a little game going on today.  It’s based on another LITTLE game that took place in Cincinnati Saturday night.  There were more Jagoffs in the span of that game, including an hour after the game clock stopped, than you might find at a Come-Dressed-As-Ray-Rice-Costume Party.

There were so many choices, I couldn’t single one of them out so let’s get to the list:

  1. Vontaze Burfict (for being Vontaze Burfict and for the hit to the head of Antonio Brown AND for doing his best Jerry Lee Lewis piano bench imitation with one of the TV cameras)
  2. Adam PacMan Jones (for being crazy enough to be duped by a smart-mouthed-sh$$-eating-grinned, Joey Porter)
  3. Roger Goodell (for being Roger Goodell)  because Pittsburgh football fans hate him equally as much as Pittsburgh hockey fans hate Gary Betman or as much as Pittsburghers hate Hunt’s Ketchup just for not being  Heinz brand.
  4. The 6 guys in the photo above.. evenly distributed between idiotic Bengals fans and idiotic Steelers fans.
    1. All arrested at some point for ALLEGEDLY drinking too much and …wait for it.. put your shocked face on….ended up in altercations.  (See, I knew you’d be shocked)
    2. A couple of them hit women ALLEGEDLY
    3. But, for me, the big prize winner in this set of 6-shooters is the guy on the bottom left with the reddish hair… he chose to pee on someone.  Yep… that’s right.. pee on someone and NOT the kind where you have some fuz screwing up your stream so it goes sideways on to someone’s shoe.  This was ALLEGEDLY deliberate!
    4. Full story on

So you can see, this job of calling out jagoffs is no job for just any monkey.  This is an extremely difficult and overwhelming choice, or set of choices, for today’s post-holy-crap-that-Steelers-game-nearly-sent-me-to-the-heart-cath-lab blog post.

One side note.. nobody one our Guess-the-Score test on Facebook.

In the meantime, who would you say is the biggest Jagoff from our list?  The Pittsburghers that caused a drunk raucous and embarrassed us, the Bengals fans OR the easy targets, the Bengals players?

Let me know in the comments below.  I’ll send a prize to one of the commentators, picked by raffle.