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Free Poetry Thieves?



Story summary:

A Crafton women, Season Ciechanowski, has chosen to inspire her neighborhood with free poetry.

She places the poems in a cardboard box on an old rickety chair in front of her house.

Over the last 6 months, someone, or some people, have chosen to vandalize the box, steal the box, dump coffee into the box and even steal the old chair.

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Seriously?  Hey! I’m no fan of coffee.  I hate it as a matter of fact but, I wouldn’t ever consider pouring it on this woman’s free poetry. And the chair? Pittsburghers have better looking chairs that they use for parking spaces. So why steal it? As a matter of fact, I can’t say I’m even a fan of poetry but, if I was having a bad day, I’d certainly appreciate one of Season’s free poems.

The cool news is, she installed a video camera system so it shouldn’t be long until we have some pics of the rickety-chair-old-cardboard-box-full-of-motivating-free-poems-coffee-wasting vandals.

Dear poem vandals,

involved in these neighborhood scandals,

we hope you get caught red-handed

and then your’ hands get tightly gum-banded

to the rashy, hairy underarm pits

of a summer-sweaty garbage truck driver with the sh#ts!

If that doesn’t help

 teach you to keep your hands to yourself,

with a Steelers shirt and Troy Polamalu hair

we’ll just strap you to the chair

then drop you off in the middle of Baltimore

with a sign that says, “Joe Flacco’s mother is a …….JAGOFF!”

(I never WAS very good at poems! Was it obvious?)



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