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Our First Pokemon Go Jagoff Post

Today is a Guest Blog From Hawaii

Welcome Libbunnie from Twitter and Instagram

“Write a guest post,” he suggested..  “It doesn’t have to be anything crazy” he said..  “Pretty easy” he promised.. here goes nothing..

To say the Pokemon Go fever has gotten out of hand here in Hawaii is like saying you can’t eat just one potato chip.  On any given day, or night, people have been seen slowly shuffling around the island of Oahu with their heads down completely engrossed in their mobile devices.  #PokemonGoZombies  Gotta Catch’em All, right.  But I don’t think the creators of the game meant for you to take it literally.

Take this jagoff for example.  We were sitting there in the shade of the surrounding trees enjoying the afternoon breeze. When out of nowhere someone shouts, “eh brah, you stey catching Pokemons?”  Before we could figure out where the voice was coming from a brown scion rolls to a stop with its windows down, right at the corner of a four-way stop.

But that’s not all, oh no, this Pokemon hunter decides to stop right next to a bright yellow fire hydrant!  Hellooo, it’s a fire hydrant??!  But this guy isn’t fazed.  He gets out of the car, greets his buddy, and they exchange stories about how they’re both chasing after the same “rare” Pokemon and how much time each has spent on the chase.  They’re trading tips and strategies and I honestly don’t think it occurred to him that he even was even committing a crime.

ROH (City and County of Honolulu)

Article 14. Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places

Sec. 15-14.1 Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in specified places– No signs required.

  • No person shall stop, stand or park a vehicle, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the law or the directions of a police officer or traffic control device, in any of the following places:

            (4) Within 10 feet of a fire hydrant

Seriously tho, this guy could have parked his car anywhere but right there.  He could have gone around the corner to a marked parking space or even pulled in to the EMPTY parking lot just inches from his preferred spot.  But no, why waste the time when you’re on a mission.  Pokemon gotta catch’em all, just try not to break the law while doing it, Ya Jagoff!!

Thanks again to @Libbunnie for always thinking of this little Pittsburgh Blog when she see’s Jagoffs!

One of her previous submissions.

And mahalo to her for writing this guest blog!

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