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Squirrell In Purse

I carry my laptop bag as a handbag every day and have reached in and found the following at any given time: 

My daughterpolka—dot Justice socks (worn), Domenic‘s orthodontist excuse which was supposed to get him back into school, a coveted orange hockey ball because Roman says it is a more weatherresistant one, a small insulating tool that my husband asked me to hold. Last week I even pulled out John’s “car hat” that we travel with in case we have to do a quick jagging around video. You never know what Pittsburgher you will run into during the course of a day. 

I can assure you that I would be a very good candidate for Let’s Make A Deal. I can also assure you that you will never find a baby squirrel in my bag. A woman who clearly was troubled since Meth was also found in her bag, was in the news for keeping a baby squirrel in her bag.  See

Never would I make eye contact with a rodent let alone allow it to rest easy good fella in my bag. Yes, during a random traffic stop, the woman told officers her son found the squirrel as he was working at his tree trimming job. Did I mention there was also a doppler of baby formula? 

Again, no judgment zone here. Empty your pockets and find way more than spare change, handbags certainly hold more than old snot rags, but a baby squirrel? This was in Oklahoma, so I would like to think Pittsburgh rodents would not comply. So please do not think about trying to adopt a Pittsburgh pigeon in your handbag, Ya Jagoff! 


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