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Farm To Beer? That’s The Big ‘Sustainable Suds’ Idea!

Photo courtesy of Corn Crib Taproom 

You’ve heard of farm to table but farm to beer? We’ll cheers to that! One of the first places in Western Pennsylvania to do so, Freedom Farms and North Country Brewing are joining sustainable forces in opening the first North Country Corn Crib Taproom, a place where patrons can enjoy live music, North Country beer exclusives and new releases, PA Wine & Spirits and homegrown recipes from the Freedom Farms kitchen starting July 8, 2022 with a grand opening. 

Photos courtesy of Corn Crib Taproom 

Assistant Director of Operations at North Country Brewing Co. Patrick Morris says, “We decided it would be fun to collaborate with a community driven mover and shaker like Freedom Farms.” He continues, “No pun intended, but it’s a ‘natural’ fit in our wheelhouse since we both produce quality products for consumption from natural environments.” 

North Country Corn Crib taproom will be a unique coworking space partnered with Freedom Farms Farmers Market and Kitchen, located about 9 miles south of the city of Butler on Route 8. Guests can enjoy homemade food from the farmers market and kitchen while the Corn Crib provides a taproom atmosphere featuring North Country Brewing beers for dine-in or takeout as well as Pennsylvania wine and spirits for on premise consumption. 

The North Country Corn Crib Taproom will be envisioned with reclaimed wood from fallen trees and be located near the Freedom Farm’s sandwich shop and greenhouse.  

Photo courtesy of Corn Crib Taproom 

Morris adds, “Visitors can walk and be surrounded by the produce and ingredients that make up what they are eating and drinking.” 

North Country Brewing looks forward to being on-site with Freedom Farms events and will be selling popular YaJagoff beer for $3, exclusive and limited time releases in the taproom. The popular brewing company plans to grow hops on the farm, also. 

Photos Courtesy of Corn Crib Taproom 

Freedom Farms will be farm to fork while North Country Brewing will be… suds to sustainable as both forces continue practicing ethical sourcing ingredients for beer and growing produce of all kinds.  

For more information, please visit the Corn Crib online via North Country Brewing. 

Photo Courtesy of Corn Crib Taproom 


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