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#YaJagoff Podcast

Episode 67 – “Kennywood’s Open and So Is The Foundry”

April 25, 2017

Which guest has the best Kennywood story??  We’re all about Kennywood stories because it’s that time of year.  Time to get excited about their new attractions AND your matching outfits!  But, first.. have you been to the Foundry Table and Tap yet? Chef Mike from there is hilarious! The Foundry and Nan Cohen’s Dinner for 8 socialization service are teaming up for cooking event next Sunday, April 30th.

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YaJagoff! Podcast – Show Notes: Episode Music:The Hobbs Sisters/Boomerang


Look for Total Sports Enterprises has launched the epitome of office makeover contests.TSE and the All Star Grille in Robinson are teaming up for businesses to win a lunch tray and slaw for their company and be entered to win an office update, TSE style, up to $2,000.00!


Comedian John Knight is the guest co-host this week.  In this week’s What Aggravates Me Post, John’s buying a cow! On, John C relays how the Jagoff, that mugged an 89-year-old woman, should be punished.


Chef Mike Godlewski and Andrew Stackiewicz of the North Shore’s Foundry Table and Tap Restaurant.  A true farm-to-table restaurant is gearing up for a great summer.  But would they ever wear matching outfits to Kennywood? Recent article about The Foundry on the North Side Chronicle.



Nick Paradise, PR Director for Kennywood Park is here!  Sure HE has some Kennywood stories.  There are 4 new attractions, including LEGOS, coming to Kennywood so get your ears on and get those season passes.  Also, what to people ask him about when they find out where he works?



Nan Cohen, Divorce Specialist and owner of Dinner for 8 and Chef Mike, from the Foundry, are holding a cooking event for singles!  Details here. And does Nan have a scintillating Kennywood story?



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April 29th, 10:30-noon, we’re going CRAFTING at Hobby Prodigy (The Mall at Robinson) with artist Baron Batch, Jim Krenn and……  Details here.May 13th, noon-4pm, we’re doing the YaJagoff Journey – the North Side Tour which includes Johnny Angel’s Ginchy Stuff Music Museum, Bicycle Heaven and Randyland. Details here.

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