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Episode 58, Tyler Kennedy, Mark Madden and Polkas

February 21, 2017

What hockey skills might be most useful in the act of grocery shopping? Well, we talk about that AND we do a polka sing-a-along on this episode from the best place for kid’s Dek Hockey, Team Pittsburgh in Brighton Heights. Guests that played along: Penguin alum Tyler Kennedy, 105.9X’s “Super Genius” Mark Madden, comedian John Knight and roller-blade hockey buds, the Polka Playing Palastros!

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YaJagoff! Podcast – Show Notes: Episode Music:The Hobbs Sisters/Boomerang


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It’s mid-February and we are outside in t-shirts at the Team Pittsburgh DEK Hockey facility in Brighton Heights.


Who and what is Team Pittsburgh DEK Hockey? Registrations are on now. They have at least 3 nationally ranked players that have come from there! But wait… what did Team Pgh’s Mike Allbright due to influence Dan Marino’s sports career? And what hockey skill would he deploy in grocery shopping if allowed?


Mark Madden, the “Super Genius” from 105.9X FM. Does he love hockey or wrestling better? Who’s the smartest person on radio? And, putting a “fan hat” on, who are his two favorite hockey icons? (HINT: This is answer could get you 2 tickets to a TSE signing on 2/23.)


Pittsburgh Penguins alum, and Stanley Cup Winner, Tyler Kennedy. How’s life in Retirement? Does his wife Brandi have a Honey-Do list for him? What hockey skill would he utilize in grocery shopping?


Comedian John Knight… he’s claiming responsibility for the great February weather and wondering why we tied polka music to DEK hockey. “What Aggravates Me


The Palastro Family…. Tom, Gregg and Jeff. They entertained the entire Team Pittsburgh facility with various polkas including a sing-a-long! You can purchase their CD here. Email us if you want to hire them


The big ending sing-a-long! “In Heaven there is No Beer!”

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