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#YaJagoff Podcast

Episode #57, A Lesson in Pittsburghese from the Defacto Expert

February 14, 2017

Is the word “Jagoff” derived from swear words? Is “iggle” really Pittsburghese? What is Pittsburghese expert, CMU Professor Dr. Barbara Johnstone’s favorite Pittsburghese word? It’s all here plus we have info on an eating trip to Italy and some recommendations for Valentine’s Day dining.

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YaJagoff! Podcast – Show Notes: Episode Music:The Hobbs Sisters/Boomerang


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In the studio… talking Pittsburghese while Craig has one day of Florida sun on his head! What defines “Pittsburgh sadness” based on the official YaJagoff “Sad-O-Meter?”


Valentine’s Day dinner recommendations? Rachel Carlson, Community Manager for Yelp, Pittsburgh has some (even if you’re listening to this AFTER the big day). And we create PAL-entine’s Day for guys!

Alla Famiglia

Dish Osteria and Bar


Craig’s Music List: The Liberty Tubes, “From the Top”


Professor, Barbara Johnstone, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University is frequently quoted as the expert in Pittsburghese. She talks about how it developed, what truly identifies Pittsburghese and, of course, we talk how the word “jagoff” was derived! See her lecture on video. Pittsburgh Speech & Society.


A trip to Italy to EAT? Who’s in? Dean and Joe Caliguire from Sarafino’s Restaurant in Crafton are in to talk about their upcoming April trip to enjoy the land and the food! It includes a before and after dinner at Sarafino’s! Trip details via

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