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Door Jagoffery?? Trash Jagoffery?

Pittsburgh Podcast Door in Street

Surely you have all heard of the awesome Pittsburgh behind-the-scenes-of-cool-buildings walking tours called, Doors Open Pittsburgh. Well, this AIN’T THAT!

What is this? It is a disregard for one’s hometown. Who in the @#!%* leaves a house door laying in downtown Pittsburgh?

Was someone carrying this thing along with 3-4 coffees and the coffees started to spill so they left the door behind (because you would NEVER leave coffee behind!)?

Was Joe from accounting, in the office lunch room, telling everyone about how he learned to strip and stain old woodwork during the pandemic and Anthony from HR brought his door in for Joe to take home and work on in exchange for a coupla comp days?

Was a student from a local tech school taking homework home on the bus and forgot to grab this as they were getting on the pandemic-protected bus in a hurry?

I mean.. hmmm.. none of the above were really potentials were they?

Our vote: the door was on the back of a construction or salvage vehicle (hopefully not the top of a mini-van with a mattress) and it fell off and was left in the street then someone propped it up against the streetlight base.

Do you know that it takes more muscles to to turn around and look at a door that fell out of your truck than it takes to stop the truck and get up and pick up that @#@*! door and throw it back on to your truck?  Ok.. that’s maybe not true but… can ya pick up the @#@*#@ door that fell of your truck… Ya Jagoff??


Wanna know about virtual and in-person tours by Doors Open? Click the pic!

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