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Dinner Rolls Worth Fighting For


Remember that guy from your neighborhood that existed, or at least you made-up and now tell your adult friends about, that used to chase you every time your baseball/football/kickball went into his yard? Some stories say he even cut the balls up, or chased the kids with a machete or broom.

Guess where he eats…. at an Eat’n Park in Butler County, PA.

Police say 69-year-old Dana Miller got so upset over the missing rolls that he entered the kitchen and started yelling at the employees. He’s also accused of grabbing and pushing an 18-year-old cook.

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Don’t get me wrong, those sticky buns are taste bud pleasers but…..  assaulting the young, pimple-faced Eat’n Park staff over “some bread” being missing?

To be honest, and nothing against our buds at Eat’n Park, I could definitely see applying some type of off-the-top-turnbuckle-elbow-smash or figure-four-leg-locking maneuver on and Olive Garden staff member for a shorting a customer on those endless Garlic Bread Sticks! But that upset over “some missing bread?”

Guess we know why he’s not eating at home…. Who the #$@! wants to eat with someone that much on edge about bread? For god sakes….how mad would he get if he found out the Salisbury Steak wasn’t actually steak??

Hey Dana the Sourdough-sourpuss…. forget about the bread.  Go for the cole slaw, broccoli salad or a handful of those Asian noodles thingies.  Those are much healthier options you may want to exercise… I mean.. bread only packs the pounds on to your hips and who needs any extra pounds right now while we’re smack dab in the middle of bikini season, YaJagoff!

(Yeah.. I just put the vision in your head of a 69-year old wrinkly man in a bikini… it’s your choice to imagine if he’s waxed or not! You’re welcome!)

Thanks to Robert Mangino of KDKA Radio for sharing this story! Follow him on Twitter @ManginoOnKDKA