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Motorcycle Jagoffs

DashCam Guy is Back! Great Motorcycle Jagoffery Video

It’s been a while since we’ve seen DashCam guy in action catching Jagoff Drivers around the Pittsburgh area.  Looks like he spent a late night up on Mount Washington for this one!  And we appreciate the effort!

This motorcycle rider decided to block traffic around 11pm the other night to show off his cycle-riding prowess. But…..

Watch the video:

Yep… after building up an audience… he blows it!  Stage fright? Performance anxiety?  No… how about KARMA! LOL.

Hey Evil Ka-nuckle Head…you have a little more practicing to do before you can get in one of those caged balls that they use for the circus stunt cyclists.  Hey tough guy… it’s like watching bad Karaoke… ya just HAVE to watch and, to be honest, we all appreciate the entertainment of you wiping out.

You know it’s ONE THING to be stupid but.. to be stupid AND cocky….just doesn’t usually work out well, Ya Jagoff!

Make sure you subsribe to DashCam Guy’s YouTube Channel.

You can see other Jagoff posted videos from DashCam Guy here.

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