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Creepy Men Toes

Should Men Show Their Toes

This is a post about creepy things.

First, one time about 3 years ago, I clicked on an Instagram ad about a shoe. Every since then, creepy Instagram sends my shoe ads probably 3 times a day.  Some good, mostly wierd but still creepy.

Second, shoe ads now pop up on my Facebook page… getting even more creepy.

Third, the specific shoes in this picture.. they are ugly, in my opinion.. but.. they are creepy because they show men’s toes!  THAT is creeepy! Men should never show their toes.. EVER!

Don’t care if a guy has had a super-dooper pedi, foot massage and rubs cream on his feet 2 times a day.. it’s my opinion that men should NOT show their toes. Especially when 99.9 percent don’t give 2 $hit$ about their toes and feet and their toes look as twisted as a 5-car pile up on the Parkway West at the Fort Pitt Tunnels. And, especially when they wear shoes that are too small and their toes look like a tightly bound bunch of fat asparagus popping out of the rubber band or, even worse, a bunch of vienna sausages squeezing out of a tube.

SIDE NOTE: Wondering if we can get a rider-mandate added to the Coronavirus rules… that says “Men must cover their toes or they might die!”

Men.. face it.. your feet are ugly.. say “no” to open toed shoes.. or, if you have them, cover them with tube socks like your dad did. Either way.. cover your toes, YaJagoffs!


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