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Coronavirus Jagoffs (with Gloves)

Coronavirus gloves Jagoffs

It’s time to catch up on catching jagoffs… people that are making the rest of us Pittsburghers and Western PA residents look bad!  As you know, we’ve been running the March Madness poll so, now, we are back to posting as normal.

First up: glove wearers.

We get it.. you want to protect yourself with gloves and masks and distance and whatever. We do too. But, can ya put the gloves in a proper garbage receptacle vs. throwing them on the ground?

Just like your Snickers wrapper or cigarette butt, the sanitation peeps or community cleaning crews aren’t your mother. They shouldn’t have to clean this stuff up.  This is especially true given that you’re wearing the gloves to protect yourself from a nasty virus.. and may have it, your boogers, your saliva, or worse, someone else’s goo on those gloves.

Maybe we need to partner with public works or Giant Eagle at some high-traffic areas where people shove gloves and masks outta car windas without a care. Maybe we make CLEARLY marked special glove/mask receptacles that say, “Toss yer stuff here and not all over the GRAHND, YaJagoff!”

We get it..wear the gloves, like the professionals, to protect yourself. So let’s DISCARD those gloves like the professionals in your own car, your own bag or the proper public receptacle….. YaJagoffs!!!

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