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Cookout Leftovers… What Now? and leftovers

John wrote today’s post-picnic post!

Ok.. remember the pre-pandemic days when ya used to go to work…..and hang out with people…and co-workers brought in leftover Halloween candy the day after trick or treating.  Or when they brought  in leftover cakes from a kid’s birthday? Orrrr… when they would bring it cookout leftovers?

But, this year’s 4th of July leftovers might be another story. What are ya doing with them? You know that you always over prepare so is your fridge full of ’em while you’re working from home?

For example, the half-eaten bowl of nacho dip and… and a bag of broken, soggy tortilla chip specs. Why would you keep a bag of chip crumbs?

And the sugar rectangle cookies that have the cheap red white and blue jimmies on them in lines like a flag?  Be careful, some of them may have some condiments dripped on them as one of your 25-max people were stretching over the table to get one more dab of cheese dip or ranch dressing.

Leftover cupcakes: if you have any of those that are stale, I’m a dunker so send over any chocolate stale ones.

Any baked bean casserole leftovers?  Ya know, the dish that was microwaved 3 or 4 times throughout the day as more people rolled into the party.  Personally, I like the crusty 4-times-mic’d brown edges of the beans.

And what about the wilted, leftover lettuce, pickles, cheese and cold-cut slices that were still on the plastic tray 6 hours after the picnic?  See how the cheese slices have discoloring from the slice above it?

So to those of you that have Iron City soaked spinach balls and a sundry of other leftovers that you USED to dump on your co-workers, please…get those outta your fridge.  Nobody wanted them 6 hours after you picnic and nobody wants them now!

But pass ME the stale cupcakes, Ya Jagoffs!!!

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