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Just Wait in the Car, Mom Jagoff

Nothing like an afternoon jaunt to the local convenient store with mom.

It may have been odd when the son was like ma, can you go in the glove compartment and pass me a mask.  Oh, and pay no attention to the note I wrote asking for money, times are just tough.  Pass that over also, please.  Okay it didn’t really go down like that, but basically a twenty-something Penn Township dude tried to rob a convenient store unbeknownst to his mom waiting in the car.

He allegedly wore a mask inside and slid a note to the clerk stating that he had a gun and would use it if he wasn’t given money.  He finished his request and got back into the car and was like where to next, ma?  Again, maybe not quite like that but c’mon. Poor mom.

Luckily mom wasn’t like nope not my sonny boy.  She claimed she found his behavior kind of odd and worked well with police questioning her. They found the gun and the coat he wore during the CoGo heist gone wrong.  Valuable lesson here, listen up boy. Mum is not always the word, yajagoff!

Full story here thanks to WPXI:

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