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Close But Still a Jag – the Big Pickup Truck

Jagoff PeterParkers

It this an egregious #PeterParkers pic?  Not really but, does it show lack of attention to detail?  Indeed it does!

Everyone knows about the “big truck” mantra and it probably fits here.

This is what WE were wondering as a possible excuse:

There is a place, technically in Utah, called “Four Corners.”  The Four Corners is the only place in the United States where four states (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado) come together at one place.  A person can stand in four states at the same time.  Maybe this person recently visited there and thought, once they were back home, they could emulate that experience and see 4 townships from one spot in the Home Depot parking lot!

Hey “Big Truck Chuck,” we see that you’re parked at the Contractor section of Home Depot. Hoping that your landscaping wall, drywall, drywall framing, plumbing, electrical work.. whatever it is you do shows a little more attention to detail with straight lines.. YaJagoff!

Thanks to @riff_the_voice for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher!


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