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Grocery Store Jagoffs

“Cig” Jagoffs

I always say, ya have to appreciate the kind of dedication that smokers have.. the cost of cigarettes, the associated taxes, the difficulty in purchasing them and the fact that a smoker will go out in subzero weather, walk around 3 corners from their work place, just to grab a smoke.  D-E-D-I-C-A-T-I-O-N!

Ok.. if that’s your thing, that’s your thing! I get it but….. your BUTTS! (yeah, I thought that crafty juxtaposition on my own) (but I had to google the word juxtaposition!) If we used police evidence markers on every cigarrette butt on the ground, we’d have tags numbered up to 1,543,901 for this one scene! And, the fact that there’s a receptacle within a flick (if your the Chris Boswell of finger-flicking-cigs) distance or, at least, within 3 steps from the smoking area, even worse.

Smokers.. go ahead and smoke! Do your thing.  But leaving your butts in a heaping mess like this HAS to be offensive even to the chainiest-chain smoker. Put those things in your pants/shirt pocket…I guarantee that it will only take once or twice before you’re reminded of where those things should REALLY go, Ya Jagoffs!


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  • North Country Brewing