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Chuck E. Cheese Brawl?


Well, we all know that little kids’ birthday parties are just excuses for the parents to get together and drink and compare competitive notes on what each of their children is doing….how many words they know in Mandarin, how many algebraic equations the 3-year old can do compared to the 5-year old that knows how to play a full piano concerto, etc.

This party got a little out of hand at the Ross Township Chuck E. Cheese.  The kicker? It was for a 1-year old.

10 or so people got involved in a brawl and, it doesn’t sound like it was a simple WWE or MMA reenactment in the plastic ball pit.

Witnesses say it stemmed from an argument between two women at a one-year-old child’s birthday party.

One woman was arrested for instigating the fight and one man was arrested for public intoxication

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Yes, public intoxication is possible at Chuck E. Cheese.  They probably sell alcohol there to minimize the depression for when you check out with 3,402 pounds of tickets and only have enough ticket-currency to get a bendy-straw and a deck of cards.

Not that I’m to judge but, what in theeeee h#%$ does a 1- year old do at Chuck E. Cheese?

So to summarize: 1-year old birthday party results in a fight among 10 or so “adults.” Guessing that the family that MMA’s together stays together.  Nice work preparing your kids on how to handle themselves in life.  Fist-fights solve EVERYTHING in the world after high school.

Here’s hoping that everyone of your mugshots are with Chuck E Cheese himself OR they allow you to smash cake all over your faces. Good 1st birthday memories.  Instead of wasting money at Chuck E’s, you shoulda got the MMA Fighter Petting Zoo, YaJagoffs! (it would have made for a great alibi)