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Halloween Jagoffs

Choc It Up! 

chocolate day YaJagoff Podcast

How can three days before Halloween be declared National Chocolate Day?  It screws up Jenny Craig, WW, Keto…everything.  Not to mention it lengthens the “Fall Thickening Process” further because if you celebrate National Chocolate Day, it starts the season of eating even sooner. 

Explanation of Fall Thickening is simple, just follow the calendar of events during October-December:  A little Halloween candy won’t hurt, after all I am walking around a good bit trick-or-treating.  Two weeks after the candy is still around, I somehow remember reading that a piece of candy a day is healthy, PLUS the damn stuff has been around so we need to rid of it before we start baking for the holidays. Two weeks later the pumpkin pie, chocolate pie and other harvesty-masked desserts with chocolate trimmings linger from Thanksgiving.   

Then, to be proactive for the holiday season, the cookie-making begins, and a little taste here and there happens, then so does the unfreezing of some of those puppies when visitors arrive.  Before you know it, Christmas arrives and extends for a week to provide enough time to see family and friends. So technically, the chocolate and sweets coma lasts until January!  So, see the ramifications of celebrating chocolate before Halloween? Understanding the fall thickening process? 

I mean a mocha in the morning to celebrate choco day, and a traditional chocolate chip cookie for lunch is not gonna hurt anyone.  Throw some brownies in the oven for after dinner and I guess a glass of chocolate milk won’t make a dif in the evening. See!  Too easy!  Happy National Chocolate Day, ya Jagoff! 

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